A comprehensive guide to essay writing: popular types of papers

When it comes to academic writing, students are required to have a mastery of not just the basic narrative composition but also other types of essays which at the end of the day, can always feature in an exam paper. If you have always done well in narrative writing, then you need to worry less regarding what awaits you in say expository writing. However, if you have always been weak at it, you can hire TOK essay writer online and stay on the safe side. Fundamentally, it is always about tweaking your creative skills to fit into a given niche so that once a write up is completed, one can still deduce meaning from it. It is all about being versatile whenever anything to do with writing comes your way. In most parts of the world where learning takes place, students have different capabilities. It will be no surprise to find a student who is very good at narrative composition but when it comes to say research paper writing, nothing ever seems to work out. This is a common problem among many learners and perhaps you too could be a victim. However, it should not be a cause for alarm because experts have never relented on their duty of guiding students do well in compositions.

First and foremost, it is important to note that academic writing come in different types. The same goes for essay writing. There are a variety of them. You therefore need to explore other types of articles which can be tested at school in good time so that should it come your way, you know how to go about it.

How to write informative Essay papers

These are arguably one of the most popular academic papers any student will be assigned in the near future. When going about this type of writing, all students need is an open mind, a good topic, an understanding of how to project information in a way that is authoritative and a good outline

Argumentative writing

Perhaps a little advanced, here you need conversational skills to get things done. Most of the times, you will be required to present your arguments are if you are two persons looking at the same issue. You will always need to be good with grammar and use of words.


These kind of writing only require basic story telling skills, an open mind and good grammar.