5 Top-rated cool essay topics for high school

What determines what you are going in your essay are your cool essay titles It is because of this reason that you as a high school stude4nt should pay attention when choosing an essay topic. For those who it is their first time to come across an essay writing question, this may prove to be quite difficult. However you need worry not since below is a few hints that will guide you on what to look for when crafting your essay.

  • Choose something that interests you
    When you go to the book store to 0ick a novel that you would want to read, you will definitely go for the novel that interests you and befits your taste. This is not different either from choosing a topic to write on. The topic of choice should be something that will make your essay writing journey worth remembering. A good topic will also give you the enthusiasm to finish your essay within the shortest time possible. You should also keep in mind that the reader can also tell whether the topic that you have written on something that does not interest you since you will end up crafting a really boring essay.
  • Research
    It is normal that you may find yourself in a position where you literally have no clue of what to write. This is not the end of the road for you. All you need to do is to visit the library near you and pick different textbooks, encyclopedias or manuals that will give you a hint of what to write in. You can also visit the website and get the topics to write on. One thing that you should however not forget is to carry a pen paper so that you can jot down the topics that you may have gotten from your research.
  • Choose a manageable topic
    Before settling for a specific topic ensure that you evaluate whether it can be managed. There is no need of selecting a huge title that you will have to spend much time on. Choose the one that can be written within the time frame given

Here is a list of some of the coolest topics that you can write on in high school

  1. How social media has reduced they world to a global village
  2. How to solve environmental pollution
  3. The importance of tourism to economy
  4. The demerits of corporal punishment
  5. Can women be seen as the weaker sex nowadays?

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