Where can I find biology extended essay topics?

Essay writing is not a simple task at all. Different students have different reasons for seeking help and some of the common challenges that most students Face is that there is little time to complete the essay since he or she has other things to attend or even lack of the confidence to complete the Paper .If you are among the students that are going through the same challenges, here is a hint of places where you can find essay topics.

  • The library
    The library is a great resource for a wide range of knowledge. If you are looking for a biology extended essay topic, all you have to do is to go to the library and seek the topics from encyclopedias, textbooks, manuals and handbooks that will give you a nice overview of what you are searching for and also provide background information. If you are finding it hard to get these books you can seek help from the librarian who will show you where to access them.
  • Online writing companies
    Most students nowadays have turned to online writers when they are in need of writing help. Apart from writing your IB biology extended essay, you can also consult them on what topics to choose for your biology extended essay. The greatest disadvantage for this is that this help comes with a fee. You therefore need to reexamine your pocket and make up your mind about what company you are going to work with. When hiring writing firms, check their professionalism so that you do not end up working with one that will give you irrelevant topics that will cost you a lot of marks.
  • The professor
    At one point in class you may find that you may have discussed an interesting essay regarding this subject. You need not waste time. Approach your professor and ask him or her for further insights on the topic. The advantage f this is that you will not have to pay since the professor is an employee of the school and his or her role is to help you pass.